Friday, July 8, 2011

happy weekend!

i'm still figuring out film processing here so i don't have any texas photos yet, but they're coming. until then i love that this photo looks like a portrait. this was a beautiful sunset. while ive already seen some incredible ones here i do miss the water.

fort worth has changed alot since i've been gone. i can't wait to check out the food truck scene. there's an event this weekend called texas toast that i'm hoping to go too.

we're also going to make dinner with my brother and his fiancee. i've attempted to make popsicles but they won't come out so far so it might just be a snow cone. but i think it will still be tasty.

i'm also working on a new project that i'm excited about so its keeping me busy as well.

what are yall up to this weekend?


  1. is camp bowie color still around? that's where we always got film processed.

  2. Can't wait for those Texas photo's!
    When do we get to hear more about this new project??