Wednesday, March 31, 2010


i have been hearing about the wonder that is Arizmendi's scones for quite some time. they are a bakery cooperative where the bakers own the shop, that started in oakland. they bake everything fresh every morning. as well as scones they offer all kinds of baked goods such as pecan sticky rolls and foccacia bread pizza.

also i need a reason to get out of bed in the morning when its just me and only writing lies ahead so i made a date with rebekah woodring for scones and studying. we arrived on 9th and judah on a bright spring morning. the area was very bustling and it made getting out of bed very worth it. we did end up chatting in front of the shop for some time but i still think i will be more productive than i otherwise would have. thank you apple blueberry scone.

Monday, March 29, 2010


it was truly spring this weekend. the sun was out. i enjoyed the park and long walks and met my friends mom. we explored the mission and ate ice cream in the sunshine. it was delightful.

Sunday, March 28, 2010

city planning

city planning:

i want to be this woman. if i look like her when i am old i'll be happy. her first chapter has already changed how i view the city. its so enlightening

Saturday, March 27, 2010


confessional time:
i, Christina Mosley, am a comparer.

Yes I'm good at school, or am creative, or take good pictures but there's always another voice that says not good enough what about this grade or did you see that picture or that blog or worst of all lately, that wedding?
so while i want it to be merely inspirational and lead to more creativity for us, it has moved my focus from jacob, or celebrating or my family and friends
to whether or not, my wedding
really??? this is what a wedding does to people?
maybe just me.....

i have had enough. Christina Mosley is saying no.
{love father of the bride}
i am not looking at another wedding blog. i have good ideas, i have friends and family with good ideas who are helping me and we are going to have a fabulous time. and i'll be married to the best man in the world.

that is good enough,
in fact its perfect.

Friday, March 26, 2010


via Vogue Livin via DTI
i love images like this one from aubrey road. The idea of sitting at a large table like this with friends and family and making those specific coffee marks while reading one of the lovely books behind me. even if it is from a library, think of all the people who sat and learned and flirted at this table. its pretty sweet. happy weekend!

Wednesday, March 24, 2010


so back to my original premise of no wedding talk this week...oops....sorry guys.

but i have written some, i have about 10 pages, their potential to be turned in is debatable.

i've definitely done some musing though, so my tentative premise is that that colonialism has shaped coffee and its producers, what are its affects now, is/how is the specialty coffee alleviating this problem and how can can it do that better?

this is atleast a lot less wordy than i have been.

one interesting website i've come across. it offers delivery of some of the best micro roasters ever. yes, ever.

ritual,equator, and more

Tuesday, March 23, 2010


I got a free cupcake from kara's today because i'm getting married. i'm totally using them. i love their cupcakes and the sweet vanilla even has a hint of almond. i made sure they can use crystally sprinkles as well for some sparkle. so maybe i like weddings a little bit.


the week was a success. we have a location. we have food. we have potential flowers and hairstylists and my parents found the perfect dress and i'm on my way to making a to do list. not this week though. but i so enjoyed having my sister and dad here. we did some great exploring and some enjoying of oldies. piccino's pizza is delish. and i loved having a car for a bit.

Sunday, March 21, 2010


while my dad is here i'm using his computer to upload some pictures. i am having a hard time getting them on to my computer. basically i hate technology but i love pictures, ah the duality. hehe, that's for you cohort.

these are some of my favorites from this semester and all i have time for tonight.

this is an asian magnolia in the san francisco botanical gardens when i went for bekah's birthday.
jacob doesn't like his picture taken so i'm working on him. so far i have to hide and try to sneak up on him ;) which worked out well, i think, in el paso.
i love the reflection of the bridge in the back ground of this one. i don't know what these clams are attached to
{is this the right kind of to swiemo? now i'm paranoid}
but the colors caught my eye.

Friday, March 19, 2010

the end

i saw this photographer a while ago. his insight and way he views the subject were very interesting. i also love that he uses film. he did a project called "the end" involving a satirical large book. photography is so creative.

Thursday, March 18, 2010

addendum to wedding week

so i arrived at the florist by bus and lo and behold i was in the dogpatch district, which i've mentioned in a previous post. 

the florist was lovely and i feel very inspired.

i then searched for piccino's, the cafe victoria at sfgirlbybay mentioned, and it was right around the corner in all its glory. the smell of fresh baking pizza enveloped the place. i wrenched myself away and stopped at their coffee shop where they sold blue bottle. yes so now my coffee needs are inspired as well. i love this city. the barista even through in a plum muffin for me, delish. 

so while still stressed i'm renewed. 

wedding week

my dad and sis are in town to help plan and enjoy san fran in the springtime. we've toured locations and nailed a few things down already. but needless to say i'm distracted. 

yesterday, when i was supposed to be writing i was looking up cake toppers and registering and looking at suits. eh, gad. i'm becoming one of those. 

i don't feel good about this.

my paper needs organization and research and most of all writing!! it hasn't happened and i'm going to have to write an excuse email, a why i did not prioritize this email, a why i'm lame and got consumed by white fluff email. but my professor is coming next week and i'll have something to show for my self then. next week is paper week. that's right, no longer one day block offs but a whole week. mention anything wedding at your own risk.

now i'm off to the florist, seriously?!

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

st patty's day

nothing says st patrick's day like guinness 
and nothing says party like cake so if i were going to a st patrick's day party this is what i would bring. 

not to mention that i love nigella lawson. she originally got me started on cooking and i've made some delicious food with her. she would think to put cream cheese frosting to mimic the head on a good stout. 
thanks npr and jacob. i love you.

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

the future

anticipation is something that i engage in willingly. obviously since i am in a long distance relationship i've had my share.
yet in anticipating the unknowns of marriage and life after school i am at a loss as to what to expect.
this book has eased those fears. 

it is a hilarious memoir about a couple's engagement period and the things they learn, enjoy and fight about with each other. mostly revolving around food. 
it is so sweet and insightful. 

Monday, March 15, 2010

music love

so as you know i love jacob and not least of all because he's brilliant at music. i love the movement in his music and the stories he tells. enjoy!

live music

i have not seen enough live music here. i love live music. its so relaxing and just a fun environment and community.

 a friend of mine recently told me about a band called freelance whales. they are beautifully whimsical and lovely. she told me they are having a concert here in san francisico. its already sold out, but its at place i have not been too before. it looks awesome though so its going to have to make it into my weekend plans soon. 

Saturday, March 13, 2010

weekend away

i'm at a conference and camping in el paso. i'll be back monday.

Monday, March 8, 2010

urban garden

 what more you could ask for really? well now they are also pioneering urban gardening in San Francisco. 

Back in the 89 earthquake the freeway was demolished and the on ramp moved. yet nothing was ever done with the concrete space around the original on ramp. until now. the neighborhood is partnering with homeless people and others who want to pitch in and make the plot of land good again. i love a redemption story. hayes valley might just be my favorite.

the morning after

via superfamous

this weekend in class we discussed many important topics,  
like north korea 
and international education
and droughts in africa
and how to make globalization work.

now its monday and i have to integrate these conversations into my life somehow
right in between coffee and fluffy white fabric
i'll keep you posted on the success of this venture

Friday, March 5, 2010


via sfgirlbybay
via sfgirlbybay

this is the blog that got me started. i heart victoria. she's funny and creative and always has someing inspiring to share. not to mention she photographs san francisco like i could only dream.

today she shared about the dogpatch neighborhood. which i have never heard of, *gasp*, i know hard to imagine. ;)
i must try the piccino cafe and as a baptist i really just want to rub up against hell's angels.
hehe, just go to the link.

Thursday, March 4, 2010


i don't know what i want my wedding dress to look like as i mentioned before. but i do know that i want a hairpiece like this.

i love the material and it seems very graceful, hmm. one thing down, wedding dress here i come.

Wednesday, March 3, 2010


*warning this is very mushy....

in case you didn't realize. i am a sentimentalist. this means i love silly things. like fireflies.

i believe they are beautiful. flitting and flashing around as they attract each other.

 i spent many a summer night running around catching them, and NOT smashing them as i've heard is common in some places. 

{yes, i'm judging you if you did} 

we had little bug cages that my dad made, yes made, and then we released them. 

so when i heard the song fireflies by owl city, i loved it and shared this love with jacob. its techno and silly for sure, but so great. 

and then when a friend asked him for confirmation about how dumb the song was, he stood up for it and said he liked it, i wasn't even there people. he's that great. its true.

thanks for letting me be a sap ;)

Tuesday, March 2, 2010


i came:
this is the most beautiful city/ area i have ever experienced
to study how the world works and how i can "save" it
i graduated and in this economy more school was the best option ;)

i stayed:
free rent
i know there's a lot more i need to learn before i can even change the world,
or maybe that smaller changes make a bigger impact than we think

i am staying:
free rent
to become more involved in the city
to learn how to love
to enjoy more great coffee and hopefully learn how to produce more of it for a better price all around, improving lives of coffee farmers { can't get away from saving the world}

sometimes i have to remind myself where i came from to keep moving forward. 
i think its the history major in me.

Monday, March 1, 2010

the beach hut

This is my new favorite place to study.  it has equator coffee- very high quality, the best view of the golden gate bridge, and lots of outlets and the wifi is coming soon.

the counter this picture was taken on is made out of recycled glass. pretty interesting. its a portable building while construction is taking place at crissy field. 

the last perk is that its close to the bridge so you're in the city, with me, but you didn't have to drive forever. come on over.


via globaljet on flikr
the chinese new year parade was definitely full of dragons but the parade itself was a bit slow. there was definitely lag time between the floats. but there were plenty of sparklers  {Previous to this i had tried to buy sparklers in chinatown, epic fail, everyone laughed at me, maybe i should have learned the chinese word for them because they definitely had them now, whatever} and interesting people to keep us entertained though. I would suggest getting a spot on market street next time. it was definitely worth being downtown in the evening though, the light on the buildings and the moon were beautiful.

we finished off the night mexican food style and had deep conversation with a very dear friend. 

now back to homework and planning. we just received our last syllabi and there's much to be accomplished.