Sunday, March 21, 2010


while my dad is here i'm using his computer to upload some pictures. i am having a hard time getting them on to my computer. basically i hate technology but i love pictures, ah the duality. hehe, that's for you cohort.

these are some of my favorites from this semester and all i have time for tonight.

this is an asian magnolia in the san francisco botanical gardens when i went for bekah's birthday.
jacob doesn't like his picture taken so i'm working on him. so far i have to hide and try to sneak up on him ;) which worked out well, i think, in el paso.
i love the reflection of the bridge in the back ground of this one. i don't know what these clams are attached to
{is this the right kind of to swiemo? now i'm paranoid}
but the colors caught my eye.

1 comment:

  1. you're funny.
    (yes!! don't be paranoid. it's only the English language.)
    looooove. :)