Friday, April 29, 2011

happy weekend!

Our dads are coming in town, well technically jacob's is already here and mine comes tomorrow, and we're going to paint the town. i can't wait to explore the sutro heights area with mine and do some shopping. its been a great week for risotto (i'll admit i added bacon to this recipe though), i've really enjoyed figuring out mypintrest, i've had some good chats with friends and my cold is limited to a few random coughs here and there. with this as mysoundtrack, i'm all set for an adventure filled weekend!

Thursday, April 28, 2011


i have mentioned my love for the blog ill seen, ill said before but i can't say it enough. i've followed her for three years and still eagerly await her posts. she's fanciful and fun but serious and contemplative. now to top it all off she's opened an online store, coterie. the items are curated by her alone, and reflect her impeccable taste and standards, most of the items are sourced from her homeland of ireland. I almost didn't share this because the items are rare and unique. so you guys might buy them up before me. but i can't resist. somethings are just too good to keep to yourself and this is one of them.
most of you know my affinity for notebooks and this is my new favorite. i love that it looks like a novel but opens flat and is unlined. i can only imagine the doodles and daydreams and plans that would spill from its pages. my birthday is coming up, hint hint.

Tuesday, April 26, 2011


i've really enjoyed seeing this album evolve. jacob used the book to kill a mockingbird, his favorite, as inspiration. i think you'll enjoy it as well. download it here!

Monday, April 25, 2011

cafe love

i've decided to incorporate more of my love for coffee into this blog. i've been thinking it for awhile and really appreciated yall's response to my post about coffee blogs. i'm putting this out here now because i was reminded of my love for visiting cafe's and exploring new coffees on Sunday and want to hold myself accountable to get out there more, especially when i have so many amazing options around me and write about my experiences for you, atleast once a week. so there's the new idea, here's what it will {potentially} look like:

It starts a bit farther back than sunday though. i have been checking out coffee blogs more lately and found the cafe, coava, in portland. its pitch perfect. they take meticulous care in sourcing, roasting and preparing their coffee beans. they also created the coffee kone. this is the state of the art equipment when it comes to coffee. it eliminates paper filter waste and allows the most and best flavor to be extracted from the coffee, according to them. i couldn't wait to experience this cafe, but figured i'd have to wait till we went to portland this summer. until, we came across Local 123, a coffee bar in berkeley.

they sell coava coffee*, which they prepare using the kone!
i spoke with the barista as he prepared my ethiopian coffee and he divulged their process and the difficulties involved with the kone. well worth it, i assure you though. because the flavors and complexity and richness were brilliant. even with my cold i could tell it was a step above other coffees i've had.
the mocha emily got was delicious and beautiful as well. we sat on their back patio and enjoyed the live music and conversation. it was a wonderful surprise to happen upon in the bay area.

*they also brew sightglass which is a local roaster. i'll stop by their cafe sometime in may

Friday, April 22, 2011

weekend plans


well i've been a bit under the weather this week (i did manage to make this recipe which i think you should try) but i can't wait to enjoy the weekend. stuffy nose and all. i plan to do some cooking, including my grandmother's coffee cake, which i haven't tried before, i'll keep you updated. we're also going to see water for elephants, i read the book awhile back and the movie looks beautiful. with it being easter sunday its going to be a full three days but i plan on sneaking a nap in somewhere. happy weekend!

photo by jacob
hopefully we'll find time to snap some pictures together as well, he took some great ones this week.

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

lands end photography walk

when jacob's family visited we toured the lands end area of san francisco. its foggy and craggy and very windswept. i saw a sign about a photography walk so i called and signed up that day, even though i had no idea what it was. they emailed me a couple of weeks ago and i was still free to go even though i'd forgotten about the whole thing. it was my own surprise adventure. so on saturday i rode the bus all the way out to the coast.
the fog was rolling in as i met up with the group that was small but varied. a father daughter pair made me a bit lonely, my dad and i would have loved doing this together, a lot of older people with very complicated equipment and tripods, a younger couple which made me miss jacob, we would have laughed at her silky flats and over styled appearance and debated which date they were on and if she was still trying to impress him.
we then gathered around the resident park photographers who seemed like they were more comfortable behind the camera than talking to a group. they warmed up though and as we walked down to sutro baths the sun did as well. it began to pierce through the fog and i was reminded yet again that you just never know around here. we discussed framing and looking intentionally all around you instead of just pointing your camera at the ocean.
the most helpful though, was the father from the father/daughter pair. he was intrigued by my film camera and we talked about the differences and how he'd loved his old pentax. he said he loved how unique film cameras are and how you can play with exposure very easily. i'd had trouble with exposure because i did not think i had a light meter. he helped me find it and now i'm truly in business. it was very illuminating. it was a wonderful evening of intentionally seeing and being a part of the ocean and cliffs and the waves. hopefully i captured a bit of that in these photos.

Monday, April 18, 2011

out and about

we enjoyed a beautiful sunset, some more spring flowers and ate macaroni and cheese with onion rings on top with this amazing pair. it was a perfect spring weekend in the city.

Friday, April 15, 2011

happy weekend!

check out this french onion soup if your weather is anything like ours, you never know here in norcal. i think we're going to get some comfort food at Citizens Band. and most exciting, i signed up for a photography class at lands end on Saturday, fingers crossed for a clear sunset!

Wednesday, April 13, 2011


blogs. pretty much the best combination ever. here's a couple of links that will tell you everything you need to know about the changes that are occurring in the coffee industry.

{they have even more links on their site}

and incredibly enough at the last TED conference there was a coffee common. A grouping of the best baristas around the world brewing the best and most interesting coffees and brainstorming how to make the coffee industry better and improve what they do in their shops. i can't wait to see how it develops. TED only gets better and better. you should check it out if you do nothing else.

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

adventures in normalacy

i wanted to share these photos from our week here in the city by the bay. we hit up the farmer's market, hence my obsession with spring recipes, hung out on haight street and picked up some amazing records as well as puerto rican food, and enjoyed a delicious homemade (jacob made) brunch. i love enjoying where we are and spontaneous adventure.

Monday, April 11, 2011


i love this piano photo. my grandfather tunes pianos and i attempted to play them growing up. seeing the inside revealed a new and beautiful facet of its mystery.

Wednesday, April 6, 2011


i love this blog. her way of expressing love in her marriage and out is wonderful and realistic and funny. as if this wasn't enough it provided me with this amazing recipe for asparagus. browned butter and balsamic vinegar, how could i go wrong. i also used less asparagus and put it on top of rice with a fried egg and the sauce reacted really well with the other items and was so flavorful but not over powering of the vegetable itself. i've been a bit disappointed with spring's offerings so far but now have renewed hope in trying to eat seasonally.


while this is not what san francisco looks like right now (the sun is having its hey day) , i wanted to share the beauty of this city in the fog. nothing new but i can't get enough. i love the lights and the reflections as we come over the bay bridge.

Monday, April 4, 2011

the elegance of the hedgehog


this book thrilled my heart. its set in a wealthy neighborhood in paris, and addresses social class, facades, poverty and the power of community. the story and characters are beautiful, redemptive, sweet, sarcastic, sad, intelligent and they all came together to form an engaging story that has made me think, alot. about life and art and why i live and how.

*this is the french cover which i've chosen because i was telling jacob that i didn't like the engligh cover and that i thought it should be a painting of a camellia (read the book to find out why) and when i googled the book this edition came up. maybe my calling is actually book art. hmmm.....

Friday, April 1, 2011

happy weekend!

the sky is blue, the weather is warm and it feels like summer. i could not be happier. we might check out off the grid at fort mason tonight or pluto's on chestnut, but whatever we do its going to involve a bike ride.