Monday, April 4, 2011

the elegance of the hedgehog


this book thrilled my heart. its set in a wealthy neighborhood in paris, and addresses social class, facades, poverty and the power of community. the story and characters are beautiful, redemptive, sweet, sarcastic, sad, intelligent and they all came together to form an engaging story that has made me think, alot. about life and art and why i live and how.

*this is the french cover which i've chosen because i was telling jacob that i didn't like the engligh cover and that i thought it should be a painting of a camellia (read the book to find out why) and when i googled the book this edition came up. maybe my calling is actually book art. hmmm.....


  1. book art, as well as book summaries. I went to the library right after work today and picked this book up. can't wait to read it!

  2. book art would be SUCH a fun calling! :)
    sounds like a good one! miss you!