Thursday, July 14, 2011

road trip

there's more on my flickr. it was an epic journey.

Friday, July 8, 2011

happy weekend!

i'm still figuring out film processing here so i don't have any texas photos yet, but they're coming. until then i love that this photo looks like a portrait. this was a beautiful sunset. while ive already seen some incredible ones here i do miss the water.

fort worth has changed alot since i've been gone. i can't wait to check out the food truck scene. there's an event this weekend called texas toast that i'm hoping to go too.

we're also going to make dinner with my brother and his fiancee. i've attempted to make popsicles but they won't come out so far so it might just be a snow cone. but i think it will still be tasty.

i'm also working on a new project that i'm excited about so its keeping me busy as well.

what are yall up to this weekend?

Friday, July 1, 2011

happy weekend!

while i'm no longer by the bay. i'm still a "whimsical girl" so i will still be posting, atleast occasionally, on this blog.

it was a long trip home, i'm processing those pictures now, but it was a really great way to move. it eased us into the heat a bit and gave some time to process and talk and listen to tons of radiolab.
we've rested a bit fortunately and have a full weekend. we are going to a ranger's baseball game, have a big family reunion on my mom's side this weekend, and we're also taking a trip down to austin to hang out with one of my best friends, brit. it's been too long since we got to be together and i'm so glad she'll be close for a bit. even with the heat i'm really enjoying being back in texas.

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

good bye san francisco

to ensure that this isn't a weepy, melancholy post i've decided to celebrate my time here with a top ten list of places you should experience when you live or visit here, no particular order:

1. hayes valley, cutest spot in the heart of the city. delicious food of all types and blue bottle coffee
2. marin headlands, on the off chance my wedding didn't convince you its an incredible place to ramble and enjoy a break from the city
3. fillmore street, browser books, bun mee, taco bar and crossroads trading company, bam saturday fun is done
4. ferry building, i've shared it all, the farmer's market the food stalls, the secret blue bottle coffee cart out front but the secret i've never shared. 3 $ pork buns at out the door, satisfying, cheap, perfectly steamed.
5. berkeley, this has become a more recent haunt, indian rock, chez panisse, la note, angelina's, local 123 are my favorites, not to mention the best chipotle in the bay area
{atleast most convenient for us}
6. pescadero and pigeon point lighthouse
7. ocean beach, sutro heights park and lands end
8. sightglass cafe
9. chestnut street, i'm going to miss marina meats and grocery, delarosa, marina lounge, the movie theaters, plutos, marina deli, kara's cupcakes and all only a 10 minute walk from my house, can you tell i'm a bit spoiled?
10. crissy field and palace of fine arts- say hi to the swans.

i hate good byes so i'm just going to say see you later. thanks for all you've given me.

Saturday, June 18, 2011

happy weekend!

packing, packing, packing is all we've been doing lately besides errands and saying goodbye so it hasn't been the best week. but we can't wait to start our road trip and get started in our new/old home of fort worth. i haven't really talked about the trip because its seemed so far away and not real. but here it is, starting next week we'll head north to portland and then southeast to home, hopefully hitting up the grand canyon on the way. we are so excited but also haven't researched much in the way of sightseeing as we've been overwhelmed about packing it all up, have i mentioned that yet? i hate packing, and getting there, seeing that we have a slightly unreliable volkswagen van.
but that's where you come in, i'd love to hear any ideas for great stops along the way, in portland as well as nevada, utah, new mexico, west texas. we have a long way to go but we don't want to miss anything so hook us up. we'd also love to hear your favorite road trip survival tips. in exchange i'm going to post a top ten list for san francisco next week!

Wednesday, June 15, 2011


we visited an ashram last week with a friend from jacob's work. it was in castro valley, which is an incredibly beautiful area with rolling hills and huge skies. i enjoyed the time to think and contemplate, especially as we walked the labyrinth. Amma was the holy lady who visited the area and brought followers from all over the state and beyond. we enjoyed the break from our normal lives and seeing a different facet of california life.

Monday, June 13, 2011

cafe love: nash baker

no this is not a cafe but one of my favorite things to enjoy at a cafe. these pastries, and many more, are served at readers cafe and at the summit. i did not previously think much of croissants. i didn't really understand the fuss, except that they sounded french. i'd tried the pastry before but did not really understand the allure until trying nash baker's. with a gibralter it is perfection, the sweet milk and espresso mixing with the crunchy flakiness of the bread to form the perfect start to a day. i've had customers come in and compare these treats to the likes of Tartine, the standard itself here in San Francisco. i think you'll agree that they're the best and feel that this is one more reason to come by in my last week at reader's cafe.