Saturday, June 18, 2011

happy weekend!

packing, packing, packing is all we've been doing lately besides errands and saying goodbye so it hasn't been the best week. but we can't wait to start our road trip and get started in our new/old home of fort worth. i haven't really talked about the trip because its seemed so far away and not real. but here it is, starting next week we'll head north to portland and then southeast to home, hopefully hitting up the grand canyon on the way. we are so excited but also haven't researched much in the way of sightseeing as we've been overwhelmed about packing it all up, have i mentioned that yet? i hate packing, and getting there, seeing that we have a slightly unreliable volkswagen van.
but that's where you come in, i'd love to hear any ideas for great stops along the way, in portland as well as nevada, utah, new mexico, west texas. we have a long way to go but we don't want to miss anything so hook us up. we'd also love to hear your favorite road trip survival tips. in exchange i'm going to post a top ten list for san francisco next week!


  1. towns that are super awesome:
    eugene, or (saturday market downtown)
    brownsville, or
    amity, or (the antique shop - super sweet. as is the ferry ride across the river!)
    amity is close to Willamette mission state park which has the most awesome campgrounds in an old orchard...

  2. i had no idea you guys were moving back here so soon! tell jacob to get in touch with justin, we'd love to have you guys over to our place!

  3. thanks guys!

    we'd love to hang out, i'll tell jacob!