Tuesday, June 21, 2011

good bye san francisco

to ensure that this isn't a weepy, melancholy post i've decided to celebrate my time here with a top ten list of places you should experience when you live or visit here, no particular order:

1. hayes valley, cutest spot in the heart of the city. delicious food of all types and blue bottle coffee
2. marin headlands, on the off chance my wedding didn't convince you its an incredible place to ramble and enjoy a break from the city
3. fillmore street, browser books, bun mee, taco bar and crossroads trading company, bam saturday fun is done
4. ferry building, i've shared it all, the farmer's market the food stalls, the secret blue bottle coffee cart out front but the secret i've never shared. 3 $ pork buns at out the door, satisfying, cheap, perfectly steamed.
5. berkeley, this has become a more recent haunt, indian rock, chez panisse, la note, angelina's, local 123 are my favorites, not to mention the best chipotle in the bay area
{atleast most convenient for us}
6. pescadero and pigeon point lighthouse
7. ocean beach, sutro heights park and lands end
8. sightglass cafe
9. chestnut street, i'm going to miss marina meats and grocery, delarosa, marina lounge, the movie theaters, plutos, marina deli, kara's cupcakes and all only a 10 minute walk from my house, can you tell i'm a bit spoiled?
10. crissy field and palace of fine arts- say hi to the swans.

i hate good byes so i'm just going to say see you later. thanks for all you've given me.

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  1. Hi Christina,

    Your blog is very well written and your photos are wonderful.

    It was a pleasure having you work with us at the dearly departed Northpoint Coffee. Glad to see your interest in coffee has continued. We love the same places---Blue Bottle, Ritual---that you do.

    Where are you moving to?

    Eric and Carol Ann Wentworth