Friday, June 10, 2011

happy weekend!

packing and preparations filled this week, but we did take a break to eat at Roam. this is the best burger i've ever had (and i've had a lot of burgers). it had an egg on it with a slightly spicy chili sauce. yum. when you add a blue bottle coffee shake, zucchini fries and a ginger lime soda i was in heaven. i highly suggest you eat there this weekend.

i also made these delicious enchiladas. yum. if you crave tex mex and don't have access or have ever wondered exactly what tex mex means. make these, now. they are amazing and encapsulate the flavorful spiciness of the cuisine i love.

i can't wait to make have dinner with some good friends, work a bit and enjoy a cookout. summer is underway. even if that does mean fog, i'll enjoy it while i can. what are your weekend plans?


  1. I wanna see the movie super looks rlly good....,so well see

  2. Oh my goodness... Looks like another trip to SF is in order to try that "best ever" burger! :-D

    Love that picture btw...