Friday, February 26, 2010

happy weekend!

i love this artist, if my hair were blonde this would be me. the ship in her hair is so cool. 

the epitome of adventure.

i love her personalized drawings of people and couples, this guy reminds me of Jacob. i'm going to the chinese new year parade this weekend. i can't wait to see the fireworks and dragons and get some spicy chinese food.  hopefully we'll avoid the rain. 

i hope you are enjoying yours!

Thursday, February 25, 2010


i heart vintage but often have a hard time finding the time to really hunt it down. 

i have lovely images of myself spending mornings perusing vintage shops that i ride to on my bike but somehow something gets in the way...

cough  {real life} cough. hate that.

so the solution is ethanollie. this etsy shop is filled with trinkets, and handmade items and beautiful glass things that would fill my  studio beautifully.  do you think i can register on here? etsy should come up with that. 

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

suitcase heart

i've always loved this lyric from the weepies.

"i held so many people in my suitcase heart"

   i think i've felt the weight of this more lately. 
my heart is very big but it hurts 

from all this stretching.

i miss my friends all over the world

                               i hate not being down the hall from 
those i love. 

i think that we should really fix this. 
my door is open, 

             please come in. 

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

the smell of spring

via blissful images
the smell of springtime here in sf is fully encapsulated in the smell of the elderberry tree. it is an indescribable scent that is reminiscent of honeysuckle yet more potent somehow. lovely.

i spent all last spring trying to locate the scent because there are many flowering trees in the area. Yet the trees that were covered in bright pink and white buds were not where the intoxicating smell came from. 

this year i happened to look up when the smell became overwhelming and noticed that in what appeared to be a perfectly green tree where small greenish/white buds that were the source. unusual but i believe that the best things come in unassuming packages. 

Monday, February 22, 2010

kopi luak

loving coffee as i do i've heard of the elusive kopi luak coffee before. 
it sells for around 50$ a cup in some places. 
  the beans originate in indonesia
the processing occurs in the intestional system of a civet, an animal from indonesia. 
many believe this process adds to the flavor and as the civet is very particular about the cherries it picks, it only chooses the ripest ones and therefore the best beans are found in its poo. ridiculous, i know.

i tried a cup with bekah and her brother, micheal, this weekend. he works in indonesia and brought some back. we fresh brewed it but he explained that the roasting was not the best and it has sat around for awhile. yet it was delicious. it had complex cherry flavor and was sweeter but there was a definite lack of acidity. 

there are those that are helping them develop coffee and learn the best ways to increase quality and value. i would love to be involved. the coffee world is so fascinating.

Friday, February 19, 2010


I'm in love with the photos that lisha myers took. oh my word. it genuinely reflects the fun we had. thanks so much.

Thursday, February 18, 2010

language of the birds

This street art exhibit is my favorite hands down, 
books appear to fly through the air with the words of famous authors
 fluttering on the ground below

its beautiful, 
it makes people stop and think
its near colombus and broadway,
go get a glimpse,
 it even lights up at night 
{ my fantastic photographer father took this picture he's swell.}

Wednesday, February 17, 2010


my hometown was hit by an incredible storm last weekend. as in the most snow, seen in fort worth, ever. and so my incredible man sent me this picture. the coffee cup, the sunglasses, the guitar. we are the cutest couple ever. even in the snow. 

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

long or short

via design sponge

wedding dresses have been the main topic this weekend. 

i have pushed for a shorter wedding dress ever since i worked in a bridal shop and thought that the whole process was beyond ridiculous. i mean its white tulle people not perfection, or the end all or anything as close to as important as the brides i worked with often made it seem. did i mention that most look the same, strapless, white, sparkly and that it will seem outdated in like 3 years.

yet i tried on longer ones this weekend because my dad was here and it seemed fitting and fun. they are beautiful, its true. i love the more fitted types with lace and something about the train behind you is meaningful. it marks something different, its new, it enhances the mood somehow. 

i still can't justify it though. the expense, the length, the yards of fabric, did i mention the expense? even the cheaper ones are still way more than i want to spend. especially when very beautiful and unique dresses are offered in shorter styles and price range. its a different expression of the day but none the less beautiful. any opinions?

Monday, February 15, 2010

foggy monday

via amalia chimera
i love the fog here and the fog horns that announce its presence coming through the bay. simultaneously somber and light hearted. its been a little while so its lovely.

i've enjoyed having my dad here this weekend and we've made a lot of progress, we've finally found the perfect color green to start the decorating process.

we've made a lot of eating progress too. we made it to the little skillet. we finally tried their chicken and waffles, delish, but their barbq sandwich was incredible. it was down an alley in soma. i also took him to bechelli's, yum. he was very happy.

we also celebrated valentine's day splendidly. we went to a little french cafe and i had the pork chops. we saw the movie valentine's day. very mushy and kind of ridiculous but funny.

jacob sent me a lovely card and we opened it over video chat. it was beautiful. his way with words astounds me. a celebration of love at its finest.

my dad and i have walked miles and miles for sure and taken tons of photographs. and i really appreciate the conversations we've had. we are definitely kindred spirits.

the things i must accomplish this week are weighing on me though, i am officially setting aside wednesday as annotated bibliography day.

the fog is fitting to my mood.

Friday, February 12, 2010

photo love

for years i have recognized my love for photography. i love capturing a moment or feeling with the click of a button. i love what is evoked when looking at pictures. when thinking about my wedding i always knew that photography would be an important part. so i couldn't be more excited about having 
bryan johnson take our wedding photos. his use of film and capturing little moments is exceptional. 
i also used one of his engagement photos as inspiration for our own engagement shoot last sunday. my friend lisha meyers was the photographer and we could not have had more fun. she's so creative and we walked all around my neighborhood enjoying the beautiful day. i am itching to see what they look like. 

Thursday, February 11, 2010

when it rains it pours....

this is all set to be a very busy weekend. 

Three good friends birthdays

one dad's visit, yay!

    wedding details to discuss and shop for, 

         valentine's day to prepare for...

& the usual responsibilities that take up my time.

i'm looking forward to it all. 

Wednesday, February 10, 2010


so i am a  bit blue today but i received a few pick me ups from my daily blog list, yes, i know i'm a nerd. but i really loved this graphic via cup of joe by Stephane Massa-Bidal. i heart the vw bug, it looks like a lovely road trip. 

on a different note i have now tried both delarosa and tacolicous, as mentioned in previous posts and they were both delicious.

tacolicous made their own salsa which had a hint of mint, very different and addicting. 

delarosa's hot salami pizza hit the spot and it was very fun to walk to our date from my house, i love living here. 


well the boy came and went. we explored and enjoyed delicious food and just hung out together. we are pretty good at that it seems. along the way he came up with the idea to take a polaroid each day. this one is from saturday. we ate at the pelican inn, and walked on muir beach. it sprinkled in the morning but the sun came out beautifully after lunch. it was perfect and now he can say he drove on highway 1. it was blissful indeed.

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

epic fail

i know, i tell you people i have a blog, i tease you with daily posts and then i disappear. but i will be back and i have much to update you on so don't give up on me yet.

Monday, February 1, 2010

art in storefronts

something i discovered while wandering this weekend was art in storefronts. its an incredible movement to improve the neighborhood during hard economic times. i really liked the ones on market. the one pictured above is supposed to change over time. very innovative. one more reason i love san francisco.

hello February!

 january has drug on for far too long. i am so excited about this week. jacob is coming tomorrow and i've bought groceries and am about to clean. i tried to stay busy this weekend to make the time go faster, i looked at wedding dresses, and wandered north beach, and ate at blondie's, and worked with City Team, and walked alot. to no real avail. time moves so slow sometimes.

come on tuesday, i am so excited!