Friday, February 12, 2010

photo love

for years i have recognized my love for photography. i love capturing a moment or feeling with the click of a button. i love what is evoked when looking at pictures. when thinking about my wedding i always knew that photography would be an important part. so i couldn't be more excited about having 
bryan johnson take our wedding photos. his use of film and capturing little moments is exceptional. 
i also used one of his engagement photos as inspiration for our own engagement shoot last sunday. my friend lisha meyers was the photographer and we could not have had more fun. she's so creative and we walked all around my neighborhood enjoying the beautiful day. i am itching to see what they look like. 


  1. loving your last 3 posts!! so cute. and i can't wait to see your engagement photos!!

  2. Thanks Christina!
    I can't wait to meet you and Jacob. We are going to have a blast in September!
    -email me your engagement pictures when you get them.