Monday, February 22, 2010

kopi luak

loving coffee as i do i've heard of the elusive kopi luak coffee before. 
it sells for around 50$ a cup in some places. 
  the beans originate in indonesia
the processing occurs in the intestional system of a civet, an animal from indonesia. 
many believe this process adds to the flavor and as the civet is very particular about the cherries it picks, it only chooses the ripest ones and therefore the best beans are found in its poo. ridiculous, i know.

i tried a cup with bekah and her brother, micheal, this weekend. he works in indonesia and brought some back. we fresh brewed it but he explained that the roasting was not the best and it has sat around for awhile. yet it was delicious. it had complex cherry flavor and was sweeter but there was a definite lack of acidity. 

there are those that are helping them develop coffee and learn the best ways to increase quality and value. i would love to be involved. the coffee world is so fascinating.

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