Monday, February 15, 2010

foggy monday

via amalia chimera
i love the fog here and the fog horns that announce its presence coming through the bay. simultaneously somber and light hearted. its been a little while so its lovely.

i've enjoyed having my dad here this weekend and we've made a lot of progress, we've finally found the perfect color green to start the decorating process.

we've made a lot of eating progress too. we made it to the little skillet. we finally tried their chicken and waffles, delish, but their barbq sandwich was incredible. it was down an alley in soma. i also took him to bechelli's, yum. he was very happy.

we also celebrated valentine's day splendidly. we went to a little french cafe and i had the pork chops. we saw the movie valentine's day. very mushy and kind of ridiculous but funny.

jacob sent me a lovely card and we opened it over video chat. it was beautiful. his way with words astounds me. a celebration of love at its finest.

my dad and i have walked miles and miles for sure and taken tons of photographs. and i really appreciate the conversations we've had. we are definitely kindred spirits.

the things i must accomplish this week are weighing on me though, i am officially setting aside wednesday as annotated bibliography day.

the fog is fitting to my mood.

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  1. boo annotated bib. yay for dad's being kindred spirits!