Tuesday, February 16, 2010

long or short

via design sponge

wedding dresses have been the main topic this weekend. 

i have pushed for a shorter wedding dress ever since i worked in a bridal shop and thought that the whole process was beyond ridiculous. i mean its white tulle people not perfection, or the end all or anything as close to as important as the brides i worked with often made it seem. did i mention that most look the same, strapless, white, sparkly and that it will seem outdated in like 3 years.

yet i tried on longer ones this weekend because my dad was here and it seemed fitting and fun. they are beautiful, its true. i love the more fitted types with lace and something about the train behind you is meaningful. it marks something different, its new, it enhances the mood somehow. 

i still can't justify it though. the expense, the length, the yards of fabric, did i mention the expense? even the cheaper ones are still way more than i want to spend. especially when very beautiful and unique dresses are offered in shorter styles and price range. its a different expression of the day but none the less beautiful. any opinions?


  1. i love short dresses. i think you would look PERFECT in one. and i agree with you about long dresses all looking the same. those are my opinions :)

  2. I have to say, that you will look stunning in any of them, but.... It is the one time in your life that you will be able to wear a beautiful long dress with a train. No other moments will come along like this one that warrant such a dress. just an opinion to consider. Hope you are having fun with the plans!