Tuesday, April 19, 2011

lands end photography walk

when jacob's family visited we toured the lands end area of san francisco. its foggy and craggy and very windswept. i saw a sign about a photography walk so i called and signed up that day, even though i had no idea what it was. they emailed me a couple of weeks ago and i was still free to go even though i'd forgotten about the whole thing. it was my own surprise adventure. so on saturday i rode the bus all the way out to the coast.
the fog was rolling in as i met up with the group that was small but varied. a father daughter pair made me a bit lonely, my dad and i would have loved doing this together, a lot of older people with very complicated equipment and tripods, a younger couple which made me miss jacob, we would have laughed at her silky flats and over styled appearance and debated which date they were on and if she was still trying to impress him.
we then gathered around the resident park photographers who seemed like they were more comfortable behind the camera than talking to a group. they warmed up though and as we walked down to sutro baths the sun did as well. it began to pierce through the fog and i was reminded yet again that you just never know around here. we discussed framing and looking intentionally all around you instead of just pointing your camera at the ocean.
the most helpful though, was the father from the father/daughter pair. he was intrigued by my film camera and we talked about the differences and how he'd loved his old pentax. he said he loved how unique film cameras are and how you can play with exposure very easily. i'd had trouble with exposure because i did not think i had a light meter. he helped me find it and now i'm truly in business. it was very illuminating. it was a wonderful evening of intentionally seeing and being a part of the ocean and cliffs and the waves. hopefully i captured a bit of that in these photos.


  1. That is great about the light meter - is it on the camera itself or an attachment? A photography walk - that is a truly great idea!

    I like the third picture with a vanishing point. I found this page with some neat VP pics.


  2. I am so goofy - here is the page with the VPs I wanted you to see: