Monday, April 25, 2011

cafe love

i've decided to incorporate more of my love for coffee into this blog. i've been thinking it for awhile and really appreciated yall's response to my post about coffee blogs. i'm putting this out here now because i was reminded of my love for visiting cafe's and exploring new coffees on Sunday and want to hold myself accountable to get out there more, especially when i have so many amazing options around me and write about my experiences for you, atleast once a week. so there's the new idea, here's what it will {potentially} look like:

It starts a bit farther back than sunday though. i have been checking out coffee blogs more lately and found the cafe, coava, in portland. its pitch perfect. they take meticulous care in sourcing, roasting and preparing their coffee beans. they also created the coffee kone. this is the state of the art equipment when it comes to coffee. it eliminates paper filter waste and allows the most and best flavor to be extracted from the coffee, according to them. i couldn't wait to experience this cafe, but figured i'd have to wait till we went to portland this summer. until, we came across Local 123, a coffee bar in berkeley.

they sell coava coffee*, which they prepare using the kone!
i spoke with the barista as he prepared my ethiopian coffee and he divulged their process and the difficulties involved with the kone. well worth it, i assure you though. because the flavors and complexity and richness were brilliant. even with my cold i could tell it was a step above other coffees i've had.
the mocha emily got was delicious and beautiful as well. we sat on their back patio and enjoyed the live music and conversation. it was a wonderful surprise to happen upon in the bay area.

*they also brew sightglass which is a local roaster. i'll stop by their cafe sometime in may

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  1. Local 123 is amazing. I think they have the best coffee I have had...ever. I wish they were walking distance from my place! And yes, please educate us on coffee. I never knew about the whole Kone thing...that is really cool and you can tell in the taste of their coffee!