Thursday, April 28, 2011


i have mentioned my love for the blog ill seen, ill said before but i can't say it enough. i've followed her for three years and still eagerly await her posts. she's fanciful and fun but serious and contemplative. now to top it all off she's opened an online store, coterie. the items are curated by her alone, and reflect her impeccable taste and standards, most of the items are sourced from her homeland of ireland. I almost didn't share this because the items are rare and unique. so you guys might buy them up before me. but i can't resist. somethings are just too good to keep to yourself and this is one of them.
most of you know my affinity for notebooks and this is my new favorite. i love that it looks like a novel but opens flat and is unlined. i can only imagine the doodles and daydreams and plans that would spill from its pages. my birthday is coming up, hint hint.

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  1. Dear Christina! You've made me so happy. You picked my current favourite notebook in the store! I'm completely evangelical about these notebooks so won't say any more. But thank you for mentioning Coterie and for following and enjoying my blog so loyally!! Jane xx