Wednesday, March 24, 2010


so back to my original premise of no wedding talk this week...oops....sorry guys.

but i have written some, i have about 10 pages, their potential to be turned in is debatable.

i've definitely done some musing though, so my tentative premise is that that colonialism has shaped coffee and its producers, what are its affects now, is/how is the specialty coffee alleviating this problem and how can can it do that better?

this is atleast a lot less wordy than i have been.

one interesting website i've come across. it offers delivery of some of the best micro roasters ever. yes, ever.

ritual,equator, and more

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  1. 10 pages??? So jealous. And jealous that you actually have a focused thesis. I'm going at 5 with no direction whatsoever. It's not been a good week. Keep up the good work lady.