Wednesday, March 3, 2010


*warning this is very mushy....

in case you didn't realize. i am a sentimentalist. this means i love silly things. like fireflies.

i believe they are beautiful. flitting and flashing around as they attract each other.

 i spent many a summer night running around catching them, and NOT smashing them as i've heard is common in some places. 

{yes, i'm judging you if you did} 

we had little bug cages that my dad made, yes made, and then we released them. 

so when i heard the song fireflies by owl city, i loved it and shared this love with jacob. its techno and silly for sure, but so great. 

and then when a friend asked him for confirmation about how dumb the song was, he stood up for it and said he liked it, i wasn't even there people. he's that great. its true.

thanks for letting me be a sap ;)


  1. um, that song's lame. ;)
    check out miranda lambert's "me & charlie talking." you won't be mad.

    (love you. ;))

  2. so completely precious. i love it. i, too, have always adored fireflies. i think they are one of life's greatest little pleasures. there is a road in my hometown, where a friend took me once, and just as you come around this one curve, there is like an entire community of fireflies always there. it's really special.
    also- have you heard "brightest" by copeland? i'm sure you have, but i just love it so much.