Wednesday, March 31, 2010


i have been hearing about the wonder that is Arizmendi's scones for quite some time. they are a bakery cooperative where the bakers own the shop, that started in oakland. they bake everything fresh every morning. as well as scones they offer all kinds of baked goods such as pecan sticky rolls and foccacia bread pizza.

also i need a reason to get out of bed in the morning when its just me and only writing lies ahead so i made a date with rebekah woodring for scones and studying. we arrived on 9th and judah on a bright spring morning. the area was very bustling and it made getting out of bed very worth it. we did end up chatting in front of the shop for some time but i still think i will be more productive than i otherwise would have. thank you apple blueberry scone.


  1. sounds delish! i love scones.

  2. i love how reba woodring is making our bloglife. :)

  3. How were the scones did it live up to how I described them? Now we need to go and try their pizza, it looks and smells amazing!