Thursday, March 18, 2010

wedding week

my dad and sis are in town to help plan and enjoy san fran in the springtime. we've toured locations and nailed a few things down already. but needless to say i'm distracted. 

yesterday, when i was supposed to be writing i was looking up cake toppers and registering and looking at suits. eh, gad. i'm becoming one of those. 

i don't feel good about this.

my paper needs organization and research and most of all writing!! it hasn't happened and i'm going to have to write an excuse email, a why i did not prioritize this email, a why i'm lame and got consumed by white fluff email. but my professor is coming next week and i'll have something to show for my self then. next week is paper week. that's right, no longer one day block offs but a whole week. mention anything wedding at your own risk.

now i'm off to the florist, seriously?!

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