Wednesday, June 9, 2010

mrs. furr, chocolate and coffee

on tuesday i finally succeeded with the social security office after also succeeding on monday with the DMV.
i am now officially mrs. furr.
though the picture ids to prove it will take a little time.
after this little victory i went to blue bottle where i had placed my resume last week.
they gave me a free coffee and a sample of chocolate and i chatted with the baristas.
i spoke to the manager and gave her my spiel but they're not hiring at this time. they will pass my resume around and call me if anything opens up. atleast i got some face time and a free coffee.

on my way home i stopped in at the tcho chocolate factory. they are not doing tours now but they had free samples.
i really enjoyed the citrus.
a green volkswagen bus then picked me up and we went grocery shopping. it was a lovely day.


  1. when they do tours, we should go! I loved the little shop and samples. (the nutty was my fav).

  2. all the great chocolate and samples. a volkswagen bus? sounds great