Thursday, June 10, 2010


i seem to wax poetic on thursdays so here i go again,
at least philosophically if not poetically.
while its nice to have free time and be married, of course,
i do NOT do well without a friend schedule.
i miss going to class on thursday and friday morning. i need that engagement with lots of people and conversation and stimulation.
while its been a relief to not have deadlines hanging over my head what i miss is the proscribed time with my friends.
i need their hugs, and laughs and questions.
this is going to be the biggest adjustment.
and with summer whisking many of them away its difficult to arrange schedules and lives with the ones that are here. but i want to, i need to and so it will happen, i just have to buck up and realize that it won't be as often.
things change and it takes a bit to get into the new flow but i know, after a bit, it will be good.

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