Thursday, May 6, 2010

by myself

living alone for the first time has proved very interesting.
its lonely but freeing.
i don't like not using my voice all day
but when i'm not here i sometimes feel crowded and just want my quiet little space again.
i have learned that i'm pretty good at entertaining myself

and that i'm pretty good at distracting myself.

i've also learned that i'm still very dependent on those around me.
i just have to be more intentional to talk and share
harder than it seems sometimes

i've also learned what true hospitality is from lovely friends
and hope i've shown it in my little studio

while i'm so excited to have jacob in the studio and not be alone so much, i'm racking my brain to think of things that i'll miss when i'm not by myself all the time.

i haven't been too successful.
i think that's a good thing.

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