Wednesday, May 12, 2010

birthday question

what has it taken me 24 years to learn?

this birthday question is asked at every birthday by my friend emily. i always think about it when birthdays come around.
yet, this is a hard question for me.
i feel i never fully learn something just maybe a new side to an old revelation or a new way to apply it to my life. i seem to struggle with the same things alot.

but i think the thing i've learned most fully this year, and one that i've worked on for a while,
is the fruitlessness of comparison.
that who i am is good enough.
and that by comparing and giving into jealousy
i'm the one who loses.
that i have been given important gifts that i must learn to utilize and that fit a certain purpose and place.
i tried to more actively work against that lately. i really haven't looked at that wedding blog anymore and i try to see the humanity in people whose coolness i feel "threatens" mine.
we all have something to learn and gain from each other but that's not possible if i'm always trying to win.

it's not about me.

i hope i take this lesson into the next how ever many years.


  1. love this post. and it makes me so happy to hear you talk about yourself like this because there is not a single person that could even be similar to you in any way, you are so special to everyone who knows you. just ask around :)

  2. I love this. Thank you for sharing. You speak so honestly and are so genuine about how you have grown. I am glad to know you. : )

    p.s. cannot wait to PARTY it up tonight.