Monday, May 31, 2010


its finally here. now what am i going to do with myself.

well the list of to do's is very long. but for fun one's i have

there's so many book lists around. i've already read jellicoe road. very juvenile but a good story
violin playing, hopefully
bike riding, once volksy gets here
cooking/dinner parties with friends

as well as thank you notes,
job hunting
and name changing
i enjoyed relaxing but i prefer being a busy girl


  1. fabulous.
    isn't summer the greatest?? i'm in love.

  2. okay sorry for a second comment here :)
    but a) YES, let's beach!! and b) will you please help me with my apartment mess?? i'm thinking either a) you could just share some of your really great thoughts with me AND/OR b) maybe we could go out for an adventure sometime and look for fun apartment finds? :)