Friday, November 12, 2010


{not actually my dog but looks very similar}
charlie is my dog at home in texas. he is a very good dog, we got him as a puppy and he loves to run out side and be petted as he sits in a chair next to you. his favorite thing is a good walk though, but last night he was attacked with my dad, who's okay, on their normal walk around the block. he's out of surgery now but they went through a lot. i miss them both and am very sad i can't be there during this terrible time. things like this make the distance seem even farther. i'm just glad my dad was there to take care of him. please be praying for my family as he's recovering.

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  1. Dear, sweet Charlie! I understand the attachment - I think I shall never be able to be without a velvet soft, cuddle hungry beagle friend - Brandi has seen to that! I love your tender heart, dear Christina!