Monday, November 15, 2010


i've joined a group that encourages each other to take risks to make themselves a better person or the world a better place. i have felt strongly about the importance of where food comes from and how for awhile. it became most evident since reading animal, vegetable, miracle by barbara kingsolver in my contemporary biology class.

but i've been a coward about acting on the conviction. i don't want to spend too much, i don't want to go out of my way and i definitely don't want to be a problem or make other people uncomfortable. but i can no longer push away the inevitability of taking action. i have to act on the knowledge i have and not live in ignorance of the system in place. its daunting sure, but i want to make known that i don't like how animals are treated in our factory farming system, nor do i deserve to pay only pennies for the food that fuels my body. its a luxury to have access to ethically raised, organic food yes, but its also a luxury to shop around and buy the cheapest food possible. i don't want to be apart of this system of food anymore and i want to make other options more available by talking about it here, not too much i hope, don't worry, and asking for it in stores. this is definitely outside of my comfort zone and already at a store today my wallet gasped in horror at the prices of well tended food but i'm beginning to think that that's my false assumptions about food not the overpriced butcher's fault and talking about it is a step in the right direction. we'll see where this risk takes me.

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