Tuesday, November 30, 2010

six months

we've been married six months. thats longer than we officially dated. yeah, we know. we're crazy.
its been a wonderful six months, and stretched us both. i know i couldn't have imagined anything better. all the good and bad wrapped together. i am so grateful for everything we've shared so far and what we have ahead. we celebrated on friday at pizzeria delfina. we rode our tandem, and then pushed our tandem, up filmore but it was definitely worth the effort to fly back down later. we stopped in browser books and wandered a bit before sitting at their bar. it was fun and cozy and i enjoy seeing everything go on. the pizza crust was some of the best we've had, crunchy, crisp and flavorful, but the meatballs were incredible. soft and juicy with a unique sauce. topped off with homemade gelato, it was perfection. i'm so glad i got to celebrate with him.


  1. Congrats you two! I am requesting a Furr date to this place.

  2. :) you warm my heart, you two. love & congrats!! [mabrook, ya habibti!!!!!!!]