Wednesday, November 17, 2010

my butternut squash addiction continues

i love smitten kitchen. i've said this many a time in know but i can't get enough of her recipes accompanied by her candor and humor. not to mention that she's been blogging for awhile now so she has many different variations of key ingredients, such as butternut squash. this is one such recipe. delicious, savory and sweet. the perfect combination without being a typical soup. it was a bit complicated but worth the time as she states in her description.

here's my input on an already perfect recipe. i substituted gruyere cheese for fontina and would suggest that you try the orginal, while gruyere was good, fontina might add more flavor, i just had some on hand already.

and then we get to the pie crust. i've tried a few different pie crusts lately but this was perfect for savory items, with the lemon and sour cream it fits wonderfully and is worth the effort. though i did skip some of the more mundane steps, i do keep my flour in the freezer, which helped things along.

my biggest pet peeve with recipes lately though is serving size. many online don't have them at all or i feel that they are very arbitrary. who sets serving sizes anyway? for example this says it serves 6, jacob and i ate it for two meals and he ate accompanying food as well, and my stomach's a little weird so i didn't eat as much as usual. i think it would serve three maybe with a salad or sausage as the case may be. There should atleast be a differentiation like, for dinner this serves two but as a side you can easily serve six, or 1 hungry man but 3 girls at lunch. atleast the arbitrariness of this would be identified and i think it would relieve a lot of frustration.


  1. I hear you about the serving size dilemma! But my burning question is: why do you keep your flour in the freezer? I am always open to learning something new, so you must tell me. Love you bunches, Karen

  2. we had leftover at work and as i don't use it too often, especially wheat, they said i should put it in the freezer. i didn't want it to go bad. i don't know if that's possible but i also didn't have room in my cabinets for that much extra. :)