Friday, November 19, 2010


its been way to long since i've visited the modern art museum here. about three years to be exact and the other day at work a woman who works there gave me a free pass. so when jacob said he wanted to see the henri cartier-bresson exhibit i knew we had to go. it was a beautiful exhibit. as you know, i love photography and henri is a brilliant example of the capturing of life that photography allows. he often used a small leica camera to be discreet and was not afraid to take shots of the mundane or emotional. he traveled the world during such an influential time, he captured the great depression, wwii, ghandi, mexico, indonesia, africa, china and developed the art of photojournalism. i was very empowered to continue to look for unique ways to frame and compose a photo as well as the importance of taking photos of people. the skill of setting people at ease is not gained easily but is something i need to master. we finished off the day with cake and coffee at their rooftop blue bottle coffee bar. it was very inspiring.

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  1. Cute cute cute cute cute. I want to make some cake like that.