Wednesday, September 15, 2010


the beach has been calling to us for about a week now and with our weird schedules, tuesday was the day. i'd checked the weather it was supposed to be sunny all this week but when i checked again the day of it was partially cloudy and 58. but it said it would get sunny and in the 70s. with that promise we set out, i even wore my swimsuit. jacob had not been to stinson beach before and we are both busy till the next tuesday. we puttered along highway 1 with volksy and as we climbed mt tam the sun peeked out, we were ecstatic, until we pulled back into the fog. that remained as we drove into stinson beach. i tried not to be sad. we walked out to the beach with the wind blowing, but not enough to drive the clouds away, apparently, and sat. then i remembered the book store, jacob said we could go wander around and the sun would come out. so we walked over, it is open every day EXCEPT tuesday, typical. we would not give up though, this was our day at the beach and we were going to have fun. i had never been to bolinas, but had heard of the elusive town that tears down the sign pointing out their location, mainly so they can smoke pot and be undisturbed by tourists. so we asked for directions and headed out. it was picturesque. there was a farm, and a little town square and a remembrance shrine, and galleries. and this awesome sign.

we found a lot of sea glass as we meandered down the beach.

it was lovely even if there was no sun. we went back to stinson and jacob bouldered on the rocks. we had to head back to work but we grabbed a couple of ice cream sandwiches on our way out.

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