Wednesday, September 8, 2010

I'll Seen and I'll Said

this blogger is one of my favorites, stick with me here people, she's funny, but confessional, design-oriented but down to earth. i won a poster from her and she's the blog i check the most and never get bored by. she does one feature called where we blog from that's getting alot of attention in the blog world, cough-cough, i don't have homework to do okay??, but my new favorite is her inspirational women feature and i just didn't want you to miss out because it rocks. so far she's focused on two of my favorites Anna Akhmatova, a russian poetess who i discovered in college,

and Jo from Little Women, fictional, sure but i love her and the inside information she revealed about the book's ending was fascinating. she's also revealed women who i didn't know existed such as Land Girls & Jills, you'll have to check it out yourself, you won't be sorry, in fact i think you'll thank me.

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