Monday, September 6, 2010

off the grid

the harpers and us went out on friday to fort mason to check out off the grid. its a gathering of street carts that i've heard of before but this was the first friday i had off to enjoy its treats. there were about ten carts. they had all kinds of food from ramen, to tacos, to asian buns-longest line ever, to creme brulee-finally!, and smores. there were so many people there mingling and eating and drinking and there was music. the typical bay weather blew threw but it was worth it to huddle together and decide what to eat, gathering the best and sampling it all. emily and i tried hapa ramen, who apparently prepare their broth for days before. my favorite part was their lightly pickled cucumbers to put on top. jacob and jody both tried barbeque and the yucatan cart. i love the mentality of delicious, sustainable, good food without the restaurant atmosphere and with so many options. even better, the company was the best part. thanks for making us laugh!

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