Wednesday, September 22, 2010


i found* a new cookbook called How to Cook by Lesley Waters. its amazingly simple but is something i've been lacking, fundamentals. it has sections on everything from boiling to braising and poaching. i've been winging it and wondering why my rice comes out crispy when apparently you're supposed to cook it with the lid off. no one ever told me these things. upstairs, at my job, i often found myself googling recipes such as stir fry, when i initially got started, to try and figure out how to "make it" as a personal assistant. i said i had cooked before okay, i didn't mean i was a chef or even truly comfortable in the kitchen. i made it work mind you, but i think i will now feel confident. i made steamed carrots for the first time with an orange, butter sauce, which made them amazing and tonight i'm attempting gorgonzola and walnut bread.

*at the book store connected to the Readers Cafe, i'll be posting about the Big Book Sale happening this weekend.

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