Monday, September 27, 2010

saturday bliss

saturday was a full day of exploring. bekah and i caught up over coffee and books at the book sale. it was so nice to chat with her.

jacob and i enjoyed the sunny weather by exploring sutro heights and hiking from sutro baths to legion of honor. i've never been there before so it was our first time to explore a place as newbies together. sutro heights is rolling and manicured until it drops off into the ocean. its a very interesting contrast and was originally built in the late 1800s.

we sat in a tree obviously smoothed from other climbers and enjoyed the view. its right next to the cliff house a restaurant and an interesting oddity the camera obscura, it uses the technology of the first camera ever invented by da vinci and gives a 360 view of the cliff house and beach surrounding the camera. we wandered around sutro baths, which was covered in tourists, but i would so have loved to come down there when it was in full swing and bathed and enjoyed the rides and the musee mecanique games. its a very different time and its interesting to see how a place evolves especially when its destroyed by fire and earthquake and rebuilt every few years. we left the crowds behind and walked along the cliff taking in the views. our lighthouse stood out across the golden gate and we saw dolphins swimming and diving for food. there were a couple close calls with renegade bicycle tourists but we made it along the path unscathed.

as the sun set we decided to try bill's burgers on clement st. it was very quaint with chandeliers and a plate collection on the wall. they served our burgers straight off the grill and the carmelized red onions were perfection but the best part was their fountain coke, they didn't short us on syrup and you could tell. A-mazing. i love exploring the city together.

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