Friday, October 1, 2010

blog crisis

my blog posts have dropped off a bit and i think i'm having a bit of an existential crisis, if anything to do with blogs can be called that, in regards to why i blog.
is it to log and share my life with people around me? is it to meet new people? is it to have a million followers? is it to showcase my writing style/personality for future employers? is it to try and get sponsors and make money? is it *gasp* to make me seem cool?
so since i am not really certain i don't really know what to write. noticing my stats bar for the first time has added to my problem. because previously when no one commented i just assumed that my parents and a couple friends read it but thought that maybe, secretly there was a crowd of people out there anxiously awaiting my next post with bated breath, why this would inspire me to write i don't know, but now that i know the numbers, they're not that bad just not astronomical, i'm a little disapointed. but do i really want to work to add more readers, by putting it on my facebook or commenting on other bloggers obssesively? a part of me cringes at my need to have more readers, why do i need readers, i should just do what i want!? so we're back to why i blog again. very circular, i know.

well one thing i do know, and if you've read this far i'm grateful and therefore rewarding you, i like blogging about the city and things to do here. this is a big weekend so gear up for Hardly Strictly Bluegrass and LitQuake. These are two huge fall events that showcase the best of SF. Free music in Golden Gate Park and free poetry and lit readings in cafes all over the mission. Fortunately, though the overlap, LitQuake is the 1st-9th so you have time to make it to both. Enjoy!


  1. I LOVE YOU AND I read. AND I wish that SF was a weekend trip for me--I'd be there in a heartbeat. Have fun without me.

  2. Whatever the reason you post, JUST KEEP DOING IT! I'm addicted.... :-D