Saturday, October 23, 2010


via gamine's photos
i've mentioned gamine before as my dad and i went there for valentine's day. it was delicious and they had pork chops so i knew jacob and i would return. this occurred spontaneously at the suggestion of jacob on wednesday. it was just as wonderful as i remembered. its small, and warm and cozy and very french. its near our studio so we rode our bikes even though we got all dressed up. we looked very good, jacob even wore his tie. i love date night. i tried the french onion soup, a revelation, i am going to attempt this soon. and jacob got the grilled pork chops. they were juicy and tasty on top of brussel sprouts which we bravely tried and loved. what mustard sauce can do....we topped it off with creme brulee, and a crepe suizette, the thing was on fire. it was a beautiful night. i can't believe its been 5 months, tomorrow.i think i can keep this up.

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  1. WOW! That French onion soup looks incredible. Reminds me of when you and I went there... good times... :-D