Wednesday, October 27, 2010

fall food

via smitten kitchen
fall cooking is apparently my favorite. the soup goal is going pretty well. black bean improved over time and was very filling and julia child's potato leek was delish but i like a little more flavor personally. i think i might try butternut squash soup next week. i did pick up a butternut squash at the farmer's market on sunday but wanted to go a different route than soup this week. i found a warm salad with tahini sauce and chickpeas recipe from smitten kitchen who got it from another wonderful food blogger orangette and was sold. its amazing, warm but cheery and bright, yet light as well. the perfect autumn dish.


  1. butternut squash soup is my favorite. i made it last year for thanksgiving. and i served it in tall shot glasses instead of bowls--it was awesome. please let me know how it goes. (go giants!!) love you guys. :)

  2. Teense, I made a pumpkin (aka butternut squash soup) the other day for my friends. I used two large squashes that I peeled with a vegetable peeler, cubed, and steamed along with 2 peeled, cubed and steamed sweet potatoes, and 1 large onion cubed and steamed. If you don't have a steamer, just boil these 3 ingredients and drain well.

    After this, just add heavy whipping cream or milk to desired thickness and purée everything until it's very fine incorporated well.

    There wasn't a drop left! You won't believe how nicely the sweet potatoes compliment it as well as the onion. It's a super rich taste that's naturally sweet. But I also added some brown sugar (according to taste) as well as salt and pepper. I've been tempted to try a pinch of curry, maybe next time. But it's definitely worth topping with this tangy sweet balsamic vinegar syrup that I found at the grocery store here in Hungary, especially for visual effects.

    Try it out if you're interested! Hard to mess this one up! Love and miss ya bunches!