Thursday, October 28, 2010

fall photos

here are my most recent holgas. my current processor keeps saying that i need to buy a glass lensed camera. thank you, the point is not for them to be crisp. i like my holga! i don't think he gets it. i think they have a very fallish feeling to them.
this is my first try at a double exposure. interesting but not obvious.

the indoor ones are much darker than the actual light in the room. i think i need to hold the shutter down a little longer. i also have no idea how the candle got in this picture but i really like the affect.
*jacob reminded me when he saw this picture that we went to a cafe and i took a picture at the table, i must not have advanced the film. it worked out very well though i think.

this is volksy's engine. i think its very artistic.

if you have any clues for other film developers or access to a dark room let me know.


  1. I like it, nice feel... keep it up!

  2. Well, I love the watercolor look of them - I love impressionist artwork - out of focus, dreamy. Is the first one a picture of leaves on a walkway? And the VW engine - a thing of beauty in and of itself!!! The latte/candle - if I ever realize my dream of a coffee shop - I would put a big one of this on the main wall! Wonderful, artistic girl! Snap some more, please!