Tuesday, October 12, 2010

apple pie with gruyere cheese crust

ever since pushing daisies,the beautiful yet dark tv show about love and pie, came out a couple of years ago, i have wanted to try the pie man's apple pie with gruyere cheese in the crust. as its fall and i'm baking more now i decided to attempt it at last. when i googled this pie a blogger had fortunately already come up with the recipe.
it was amazing. i love anything sweet and savory and this hit the spot. in the future i would slice my apples up thinner, i used a corer and slicer tool, and i used Golden Delicious but really want to try some of the varieties she mentions. also i need a pastry brush because when i poured the egg over the pie crust it fell off the sides and made an overall mess. but a delicious mess in the end, one you should definitely try.

1 comment:

  1. Christina! You made this gorgeous, luscious pie in the pretty red pie baker! Mark will see this post and want apple pie. I don't mind - I love to bake it! Jacob literally crowed about all the cooking and baking you've been doing! You are so wise and talented. Love you!