Saturday, February 5, 2011


i've read quite a few good books lately that i have not updated on.

1. mennonite in a little black dress was very enlightening, funny, sweet and sad. i love her continuing struggle between her family values and her educational values and how she brings them together through many dark days. its beautiful.

2. namesake this is also about a struggle to come to terms with a family that is at odds with the greater part of society. as the parents came from India and a the child is raised in America, the ties are stretched but never broken. the author writes beautiful short stories yet her talent really shines here.

3. garlic and sapphires is another female memoir, this one more professional. Ruth becomes the New York Times food critic and must disguise her identity to adequately do her job, she flounders as she is overcome by the praise, the critiscism, the difficulty of always eating out and coming face to face with who she is as she embodies other characters. she keeps her dignity, humor and grace throughout and records her experiences beautifully.

we've also seen a few movies i wanted to recommend. Never Let Me Go, the Illusionist and the King's Speech. I can't wait to see how everything goes down with the Oscars.

we saw the Illusionist at the Clay theater on Fillmore and took a couple of pictures. Jacob aced the first one and i loved the ornateness of the interior.

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  1. wait, does that sign say 'As seen on Glee....Rocky Horror Picture'? I mean i love Glee...but talk about backward pop culture references.