Tuesday, February 15, 2011

valentine's love

it was our first valentine's day in the same place so we decided to do it out right. while our original plan included a ferry and a tandem bicycle, jacob's impressive idea not mine. the rain caused us to take a different route, public transit.
still, i can't imagine the evening being more beautiful or romantic. we ate at poggio's where we had the wedding reception. it was fun to go back and try their real dinner menu. the service was awesome and everything provided new taste sensations. eating good food together is one of our favorite things. not to mention being served pretty much a whole cow,

much to jacob's chagrin we took some home.

he understood once we got dessert.

i hope everyone's valentine's was as filled with love and laughs.

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  1. O my, Jacob and beef - a dangerous combination! You are taking such good care of him, Christina! You two are a couple of sweeties! It brings us such joy to see you enjoy your first married Valentines Day. Love you both so much!