Saturday, February 19, 2011


this puffed treat and i have had a long and rather gruesome history. it started off with awe. i knew of these bread delights that were served at Neiman Marcus but only saw the restaurant when we walked through the mall and never had one. i just knew they were very difficult to make rise and often thwarted the baker. but when i started working upstairs they were a regular treat. they even had popover pans and so i quickly realized i was going to have to master them. easier said than done. i have mentioned my inability to read recipes sometimes and i used a whole stick of butter instead of 1 tbs one time. those were inedible as they simmered and i couldn't figure out what was different. but i must add that this recipe is hand written and a few different girls have written temperatures and timings and its made the whole thing very complicated. but then, i came across a popover recipe in the Gastronomy of Marriage. A book i read a while ago and was revisiting now that i'm married. the recipe was simple and clear and added a tip about refrigerating the dough before baking. it worked brilliantly. try it, i think you'll be impressed with yourself.


  1. love the blog! love your hair! love your cooking! miss you sooooo much! you're inspiring me to get better at blogging. oh goodness I've been a neglector. Please still be there when I get back. pretty please?

  2. I'm so thrilled they worked out for you -- they look beautiful! (And thanks for reading!) xo, Michelle

  3. They look delicious! But mostly I love that smile!!
    I miss that :-/
    Bon Appetit!