Wednesday, February 16, 2011

film favorites

i think its obvious that i am still only good at one thing. anenomes, they love me. the other two are the best of a series that ran from overexposed, to blurrier. my goal this week is to read through my amateur photographer book and try to get a better grasp on shutter speed as corresponding to light and which direction, etc. i'm also going to notate my pictures so i know which photo was taken on what setting. thanks for being my sounding board.


  1. I always love pictures of flowers close up but the second picture of the shore line is so great. I can feel and even smell it by looking at your picture. Keep learning so we can continue to enjoy the world through your sweet eyes!

  2. i love the one from the top of presidio. seeing those trees with the sun streaking through them is one of the only reasons bus commuting to readers is tolerable.

  3. Is that middle picture the Cliff House?
    Great evening lighting sure sets the mood... the people on the beach are such a small but all important detail.
    Puts all the rest into perspective.
    Love it.
    Love you!