Tuesday, February 1, 2011

good times

its been a big weekend, my family came into town and we've been eating and sightseeing like crazy.

i've been wanting to share a couple of recipes with you though so i'll start there. this no-knead bread is incredible, though i've been using the wrong yeast, active, not instant, its still delicious. and since i had extra yeast i would no longer be needing i decided to use it for this cinnamon roll recipe i've been wanting to try. they were perfect after i froze them for a couple of days i let them thaw and rise overnight so they were very easy and fun for a saturday morning.

yesterday we visited one of my favorite places in the world, point reyes. we explored the lighthouse, looked for whales and i got free range eggs from marin sun farms.

on our 8 month anniversary we enjoyed our kara's cupcakes once again. they even had a heart on them this month. what a wonderful celebration!

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  1. Good times is right... We had so much fun. As always, I love these pictures. Hard to pick a favorite but you know how I am about lighthouse's. Great shot.