Wednesday, July 14, 2010


i've been using mine alot lately but jacob keeps the lock since he has to use his to get to work and we haven't gone and gotten another one yet. but i've been very surprised at how nice people are about lockless bikes. i've had multiple people offer to watch it for a minute so it doesn't get stolen. such as the guy at the post office. i kept looking around the corner to make sure my bike was still there but he offered to guard it for me. he waited and then offered me a bag to get my package home. this happened again today at the store. i'm pretty paranoid about my bike being stolen, since its happened before, but this is renewing my faith in bike ownership.

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  1. that is really sweet. warms my heart a little bit. i remember getting my bike stolen at school in oklahoma. i felt so safe there...who knew? people/places will surprise you!