Friday, July 2, 2010

susie cakes

is a delicious new bakery on chestnut with whoopee cookies and red velvet cakes and cupcakes filled with icing. i've had a few samples and i've heard the praises of the cupcakes. bekah even said the cookie with icing, whoopee cookie, was the best ever. i can't wait to try one. i thought it could be a fun place to work so i asked for an application and they said yes but was i OVER 18?! yes people, she did. i am 24, i am married and i have my masters. it took eating quite a bit of humble pie to say yes i am thank you and accept the application.
i even had the perfect shade of
red lipstick on,
{i finally found some today at forever 21}
i thought that would make me look older for sure.
i know, i know i'll appreciate it one day. we'll see about that.
yet even that could not take away from the place. i still suggest you try it.

and come see me when you're around.

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