Sunday, July 4, 2010

scary sounds

so jacob worked last night and i was here. alone. planning dinner, trying to clean for july 4th and chatting with the kimbo.
then as it was becoming twilight i heard a noise upstairs, a boom-woof sound, kind of like a dog, kind of like something fell.
the family is out of town for the weekend and my worst fear is that someone will be up there when they're gone.
so i jet out of the house and book it to jacob's starbucks, looking behind me the whole time knowing "they've" followed me.
jacob thought the whole thing was funny at first but i sufficiently freaked him out by the time we walked, instead of him getting to bike, because apparently grabbing my bike would have taken to much time, home.
yet he still searched the entire upstairs with only me, an umbrella and 911 at the ready on my phone. after hearing some louder fireworks outside we decided i must have heard a spare homemade one that a neighbor set off, you know whatever you can do to sleep.
we still roasted the asparagus and tomatoes for dinner and it was as delish as the picture.
boy am i glad he's around.

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