Saturday, July 24, 2010

wave organ

the jetty in the marina, by the yacht clubs, is set alluringly off the beach but inaccessible. jacob and i did not know how to get there and whenever we wondered about it we did not have the time to find out. until yesterday. we rode past and decided it was now or never. you have to go down quite far to get on the road that goes back out to the jetty. its very rocky and has a beach area, that's closed off, but initially the wind is the most notable. it builds and gushes around you. until you reach the end and instead of a rocky outcropping there are well defined granite blocks, and a ramp that curves, and pipes coming out at odd angles. this was not what we expected. we sat and enjoyed the view of both the golden gate bridge and the city while we rumerated about what the heck we were sitting on. i ventured over to the pipes and they were hollow. they filled with a gurgling, wave, sound, almost like a shell but louder. as we wandered from pipe to pipe, we found a plaque entitled wave organ. this was an installation built in the 1980s. if one listens to it at prime time, high tide and a full moon, each of the pipes is supposed to fill with its own unique sounds of the ocean. it was beautiful and very unusual.
it was a wonderful discovery.

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